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The Movement


The concept • Change the MODEL, MATERIAL & MINDSET


Model • People & planet before profit.

Material • 78% recycled nylon fabric, from ghost nets, carpets and plastic from the ocean and landfills. Post production scraps are up-cycled to create new products.

Mindset • Promotes ethical, sustainable and slow fashion as a way to improve one's quality of life. Each piece educates on a specific marine ecosystem and the plastic pollution.




The Problem






We are experiencing a global ecological emergency as a result of our collective and individual unconsciousness as well as actions based on fear and ignorance. Climate Change is one of the symptoms.

Recent scientific research shows that we have a 5% change of limiting global warming to 2°C, a figure universally accepted as safe for human survival.

10% of the global carbon emissions come from the fashion industry and one truckload of clothing is wasted per second.

75 million people are employed in the industry and many are paid $68 per month working in challenging conditions. Children are also often involved.

The business model is simply incompatible with our human values and is threatening our own survival.





Join the Ocean Goddesses movement


  • Make conscious fashion and consumption choices. Download the Ultimate Sustainable Fashion Guide for practical tools and tips, including on how to connect to your Why. 
  • Get the Ocean Goddesses dress and initiate conscious conversations to educate others. 
  • Minimise or eliminate single-use plastic. Start with yourself!

    Sources: We refer to a developed framework by researchers Rebecca Earley and Kate Goldsworthy, also promoted by the Fashion Revolution movement. In addition to this we have introduced concepts from a research done by the Ellen MacArthur foundation which sets a baseline and offers tangible solution.