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Ocean Goddesses is looking for a Social Media Intern

 Are you:

A guru in social media and digital marketing (or have the potential to be).

A women interested in ethical fashion, environmentalism and making the world a better place.

Autonomous and quick learner.

Looking for a remote internship and can commit to a minimum of 1 month, preferred longer.

Excited to work in an exciting start-up and being involved holistically in building an ethical brand.

If you answered yes to all, then there’s a great chance you’re the RAD INTERN Goddess we’re looking for.


Responsibilities of the Social Media Manager

  • Deliver on the Communications strategy. 
  • Manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities including:
  • Develop relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers.
  • Create, curate, and manage published content (images and written predominantly, optional: video and audio/podcast in the future) aligned to company’s objectives.
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating leads, sales and education.
  • Conduct online advocacy and open a stream for cross-promotions. Develop and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts.
  • Oversee design (ie: Social media graphics for Facebook cover, profile pic, thumbnails, ads, landing pages, Instagram profile, Blog, Newsletter etc.).
  • Design, create and manage promotions and social ad campaigns, being sure to integrate with company’s overall marketing campaign plan and channels.
  • Help develop and manage an online sales and education funnel.
  • Analyze key metrics and tweak strategy as needed.
  • Monitor trends in social media tools, applications, channels, design and strategy, as well as in ethical fashion.
  • Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising social media, content marketing, SEO and social advertising campaigns to maximize results.

Social Media Manager Qualifications and Experience

  • Possesses knowledge and experience (desired) in digital marketing. 
  • Demonstrates creativity and documented immersion in social media.
  • Proficient in content marketing theory and application.
  • Experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing.
  • Exhibits the ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side, able to demonstrate why their ideas are analytically sound.
  • Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, their respective participants (Instagram, Facebook and optional Pinterest) and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios.
  • Maintains excellent writing and language skills, aligned to brand’s tone.
  • Enjoys a working knowledge of the blogging ecosystem relevant to ethical fashion, environmentalism, female empowerment and co-creating a sustainable society.
  • Displays ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and video format (optional).
  • Practices superior time management.
  • Is a team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide other employees and even management when necessary. (ie: social media strategy, content development, etc).
  • Makes evident good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of principles of SEO including keyword research and Google Analytics. 
  • Possesses functional knowledge and/or personal experience with Shopify and newsletter development and management (optional).
  • Demonstrates winning Social Customer Service techniques such as empathy, patience, advocacy and conflict resolution.
  • Possesses great ability to identify potential negative or crisis situation and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues.
  • Is able to access tools and knowledge online and uptake useful knowledge in order to excel in the job.

Upon applying for this remote and unpaid internship role, please specify what you have done successfully in the past and what you believe you’re lacking and will need an additional training in. Since this is an internship role it’s understandable that people may not be experienced in all elements, what’s important is to be: curious, want to learn, be honest and coachable.

Please send a Motivation Letter and CV outlining 1) your experience and achievements, 2) gaps and how those will be improved and 3) why you’re the RAD INTERN to join Ocean Goddesses The position is to be filled as soon as we have the right person.


About Ocean Goddesses

Ocean Goddesses is an ethical fashion brand. The first collection of minimalist dresses designed for perfect fit and sensuality, whilst being made using 78% recycled plastic from oceans and landfill started as an idea for tackling the plastic waste problem and initiating conscious conversations. It has since created a movement led by entrepreneurial and business women who express themselves through meaningful fashion, educate others and lead the change.

Ocean Goddesses aims to make sustainable and conscious consumption the global norm.