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About the Designer

How it all started?

In 2017 Klementina was diving in the Philippines, in order to understand the diving industry better and upgrade her skills to a rescue diver level. This was valuable for her work, to scale a coral reefs conservation initiative of The Reef-World Foundation and the UN Environment called Green Fins. For the first time she lived next to the ocean and spend so much time underwater, seeing all the beauty, a different world.

Later that year, she was in Indonesia, picking up fisherman’s ghost gear from one of the most beautiful beaches she had seen in Nusa Penida. After witnessing plastic pollution consistently in coastal areas in Asia, she committed to do something around pollution. She had many ideas, but none clicked right away.
Upon her return from Nusa Penida, just days before her best friend's wedding she was on the look out for the perfect dress.
The unsuccessful pursuit to find the right dress led to a spark, and the first questions in her head were:
• What if I can design an up-cycled dress, which will be unique, sensual and stunning?
• What if with that dress I can initiate conscious conversations to educate people about environmental solutions?
• And what if that dress is multi-functional and easy to maintain to serve my traveller lifestyle?  

Only a few weeks later, Ocean Goddesses was born, a collection of sensual dresses, made using 78% recycled ghost nets and other recycled materials from the ocean and landfills. 

About Klementina

Klementina is an entrepreneur, environmentalist and designer, insanely optimistic about making progressive ideas happen. As an AIESEC alumni, she started her career at Deutsche Post DHL where she successfully managed multi-million dollar programs, developed new business opportunities and designed a group wide ‘circular economy’ strategy, including demonstrating solutions through working on closing loops of multi-national technology and life-sciences businesses. Meanwhile, her calling to solve environmental challenges was bubbling, and brought her to work with numerous environmental associations, non-profits and startups helping them to: develop new products, scale products or solutions, design actionable sustainability strategies, innovate (including blockchain technology). Currently she’s working with The-Reef-World Foundation on scaling a global initiative of the UN Environment called Green Fins, with the aim to conserve coral reefs and related ecosystems. The work on coral reefs and the marine debris problem inspired Klementina to design a collection of minimalist, multi-purpose and sensual dresses, made using 78% recycled ghost fishing nets, carpets and other materials.