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August 16, 2019

Who are you?

I’m a leadership coach and breathwork facilitator on a mission to redefine leadership and entrepreneurship for this new era. I work through 1:1 coaching, breathwork workshops, and advocating on social media. I’m based between Bali and Canada, and work with clients worldwide.


What's your why & how does this impact how you express yourself through fashion?

I serve through 1:1 coaching of social entrepreneurs and through transformational breathwork workshops. I also serve by sharing on social media about my leadership, my way of doing business, living in integrity, and my general human experience.

2 years ago I realized I was preaching way more than I practiced about ‘changing the world’. So I got really real with myself about where I was living in a way totally out of integrity, and one main thing that came up was my clothing consumption. I was buying all my clothes from places that I was 90% sure were contributing to unjust labor and ruining the environment.

Getting that honest with myself was painful, I was “like how can I say I care about humans and earth and also be contributing to that industry daily?!” So I committed from that moment to only buy ethically made clothes. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve been tempted a few times to buy the trendy new fast-fashion, but it feels SO GOOD not to. And I’ve loved going out of my way to find and support rad upcoming brands like Ocean Goddesses that I can actually feel good about! I love it when my purchase of clothing is basically making a donation to a company I love.


Victoria Coral Dress

How are you supported by OG and it’s tribe?

Ocean Goddesses represents to me a new way of doing things in the world. A new way of creating, and a new way of consuming. We’re creating and consuming now in a way that doesn’t harm the world and doesn’t harm other humans. It’s so exciting to me. Of course we have a long way to go in reforming our entire consumer economy but for me it’s all about one choice at a time, and choosing to support a brand like Ocean Goddesses is a powerful choice.


Any recommendations for our readers?

Be honest about your life choices! Don’t say you wish the world was different if you aren’t willing to make different choices! We’re all doing the best we can, but let’s do better!


All heart,

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