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October 28, 2019


Who are you?

Tiff Ng from Sydney, Australia. But currently based in Europe (Budapest for now).

What’s your why?

I want to empower people to tell their unique stories in meaningful and creative ways. I do believe in the power of digital technology to connect us and allow for intersectional narratives to come through. Through my work as a social media marketer and writer, I hope to help highlight more stories that are otherwise silenced and create a more tolerant and accepting society.


Coral Tiff OG dress


How do you express yourself through fashion?

My style is highly motivated by functionality and comfort. Now travelling long-term, I’m thinking about versatile pieces and things that will be easy to pack away into my backpack. It’s very casual and occasionally fun, trying to help me bring in summer vibes as I travel around.

How are you supported by OG and it’s tribe?

I’m inspired by the generosity and passion of the OG tribe. With Klementina at the helm, I love being surrounded by strong women who put their values ahead of everything else and are resisting the social pressures that would change that. It’s a helpful reminder to me that we can be doing things different - from the choices we make in our fashion to saying no to straws, right down to how we run our business to put purpose above profit and women to the front.


Other recommendations for readers?

I encourage everyone to be authentic and open. In the world of social media, it’s all too easy to just put up the most filtered and perfect way of life but it is our own experiences, our own values that make us unique and need to be heard. Do not be discouraged by the number of likes or followers you might not get. Don’t be afraid to share who you really are and believe in.


- Tiff

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