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September 29, 2019

Who are you?

I’m Sarah, and I’m a teacher, actress, travel blogger, and volunteer. I currently live in Canggu Bali, next stop Vietnam baby! Yahoo!  



What’s your why?

More than anything I wish to live a life of purpose, and I feel like my purpose is to be part of the change that I wish some much to see. I find the ultimate fulfillment in traveling and giving back to the places I travel to. I love working with children, and I love any kind of environmental work. My goals are to see the world, spread awareness, be the change, aaand I want my own travel show!


How do you express yourself through fashion?

Honestly, I can fit everything I own into 2 backpacks haha! So lately I haven't been the most fashionable person, but I can say that I love wearing things that make me feel confident, feminine, and since I’m always on the go, comfort is a MUST. Being fashionable isn’t a high priority at the moment, but it feels good to feel pretty and sexy every now and then, and sometimes I miss that. It’s nice to have a travel dress that makes me feel good, and travels well/doesn’t wrinkle, score! The material is flattering, soft, stretchy, I can wear it on any occasion, and the best part is its ethical fashion.


How are you supported by OG and it’s tribe?

Being part of Ocean Goddesses gives me such a great feeling because I’m making decisions that are eco-friendly and spreading awareness at the same time. Moving to Southeast Asia brought my attention to a lot of things, especially the severity of our plastic pollution crisis, and the mass amounts of waste we all create through our consumption. Of course, I was aware of environmental issues and the need for mindful consumption, but ethical fashion was not something I was being mindful of. I wasn’t thinking about how and where my clothes were made, and now that I am, I am more confident in my purchases. The other great thing about being part of the tribe is the connections I have made here in Bali. I love the inspiration I feel being around empowering, like-minded women who truly want to make a difference in the world, and I love knowing that we are making that difference together. 


Other recommendations for readers?

  1. Create healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle habits. Your body and mind will thank you.
  2. Travel MORE, and travel with PURPOSE. Travel opens your eyes, and it can change you as a person, especially when you fully immerse yourself into another culture. I think the best way to really get to know a place is by working there. Find a local school, orphanage, animal shelter, or other NGO and get involved in the community. Your soul will thank you. 

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