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November 05, 2019

Who are you?

My name is Juliana, I am from Costa Rica and am currently based here at the moment. Costa Rica is a very special place and I was lucky to be born here. It is a small but very biodiverse country, and that is something we are very proud of. I’ve inevitably been in very close interaction with the ocean and this has deeply influenced my personal and professional life.
As a professional in the field of design and creativity, diver, and conservationist, I’ve oriented my life to positively influence human behaviour for the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans. For the last four years, I’ve worked to develop a behavioural design approach to marine conservation, uniting creativity with ocean conservation. I currently work as a Creative Consultant for marine NGOs.


What’s your why?

I am a pro-active, positive, empathetic and determined person, driven by the needs of people and the environment. I’d love to be able to say when I’m older, that my work developed a deeper connection between humans and the oceans. We are currently going through an environmental crisis that is especially affecting life underwater, from ice caps melting to tonnes of trash reaching our oceans every day. I want to be part of the generation that made the shift and transformed what seemed impossible.


How do you express yourself through fashion?

I have always felt that dressing up is an additional way to express my creativity and express my personality. I enjoy being able to be creative every day through that. I don’t know much about fashion styles, but for me, it is essential to feel comfortable, if I’m purchasing something new I make sure that I will wear it for a long time, that I need it and even better if I’m doing something for the environment by making the purchase. My OG dress ticks all of those boxes. :)


How are you supported by OG and its tribe?

I have a nice relationship with OG, not only because I had the pleasure to work with Klementina (OG’s CEO), but also I developed their logotype and general branding guidelines. I am currently running a Fundraising campaign to become the first Costa Rican to join eXXpedition’s first Round the World voyage. eXXpedition’s vision is to empower a network of multidisciplinary female leaders to use their own unique skillsets to shift the way we feel, think and act towards the oceans, helping to solve the plastic pollution crisis.

I hope I can receive warm support from the OG community to achieve this dream. :)

- Juliana


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