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August 09, 2019

Naomi: What Interning with Ocean Goddesses means to me

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi


Female Empowerment

When beginning the application process for my internship, there were two characteristics which I hoped to find in a start-up. Firstly, I wanted to find a start-up which is either female-led or encourages female empowerment. Although we are moving towards becoming a more equal society, there’s no denying that we still have some way to go.

I believe the power of women is not only determined by legalities and her external environment, but also by her own self-belief. What does she believe she is capable of? What does she believe she deserves to achieve? For a long time, I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve perfection in my academic studies and live up to expectations of others. I felt I needed a plan – and one which would gain the approval of those around me. I often doubted whether what I was doing was enough or whether I was ‘on the right path.’

About a year ago, I decided to stop trying to plan everything out and stop making decisions based on what I thought my family would be most proud of. I stopped worrying ‘what if I fail?’ and started trusting in my own abilities. It was liberating. I felt the weight of worry lift and I have achieved so much in this past year because of it. My family are prouder than they’ve ever been – not because of my job title or good grades, but because they can see I am happier, more peaceful. My friendships are stronger because I’m no longer caught up in my own thoughts, I’m no longer agitated by trivial things. I’m taking time to appreciate the world around me and in turn, taking better care of it.

 Naomi Ocean Goddesses


A Conscious Millennial

This brings me to the second element to the ‘dream’ start-up - a focus on the environment or sustainability.

Born in 1996, I fall into the ‘millennial’ generation. Millennials are often considered to be selfish and careless individuals yet when I look at my peers, I see so many making conscious changes to their lifestyle to take better care of our planet. Changes such as moving towards plant-based diets, supporting cruelty-free and vegan brands, rejecting the use of single-use plastics. Sceptics may doubt the impact individuals can have but real progress has been made and can be made if we continue to push for it. Plastic straws are now a rare find, electric vehicles are becoming more common, recycling has become the norm.

I want to be a part of this change. I want to join the movement of ‘conscious millennials’ and play my small part to save the planet we all call home. I recognise that as a car-driving, meat-eating individual, my lifestyle is part of the problem so I’m taking steps to become part of the solution instead. I am far from perfect when it comes to living sustainably, but I’m trying to make positive changes and learn more about the consequences of my choices.

Ocean Goddesses

Ocean Goddesses Tropical Nomad

So that is what matters to me in terms of core beliefs, but I also hoped my internship could bring value – both to the start-up I’d be joining and also to wider society. Then I heard about Ocean Goddesses.

Not only a female-founded business, but a movement which celebrates women while promoting sustainable consumption and living more consciously. Ocean Goddesses perfectly combined everything I’d hoped to find, and speaking to Klementina, her passion was infectious. I couldn’t wait to be a part of it all and turn those initial hopes into reality. Fast-forward a few weeks and I’m writing this blog from the beautiful Bali! I’ve loved my first week working with Klementina and excited to continue my journey to grow the Ocean Goddesses tribe.

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